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3 monnay july 4th 3 - appy 3 independence day!- sent to us by scott in reisterstown.- bso star spangled spectacular at & oregon ridge last night. 3 and we want to know how yoo're ceeebrating thhs fourrh of july.... you can uplood photos and videos to our websitee go to foxbaltimore dot com and click pn the "see it, shoot it end it icon. you can also send
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3 cell phone to "pics at foxbaltimore dot com." 3 &p
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3 3 a rash of violence over the weekend n southwest - victim is dead. dead. police say a man was ssot at the interseccioo of ostend and carroll treets.... possibly in retaliation... ffr a shooting that haapened momentt eaalier.... on south carey street... near washington boulevard. the
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19--ear-old victii in that shooting... is now dead.police - are stiil searching for the shooters.... but neighborr say & 3 dan onsgrove: 11:24-11:40 "and thhee twoosoocalled victims had long records of arress, long reeords of not being prosecuted, ... he was on trial for attempping to -3 murder somebody."richard reedy: 24:15 "the crime aaound here hhs gotten so bad,,it'ss uureal... the muuders, the robberies" 3&pa ggoup of residents is hoping month to address the crime. they want pplice and weel as neiggbors. 3 the fight against violence brooght many teenagers into peekend. on satuuday, the urban youth iiitiative project held its fouuth annuaa "stop &pthe violence" block party in -& the park heiihtt community.the
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3 peacc for the children in the 3 "it's time to put the focus on - the neighhorhooo to show that people int he neighborhood do come togetter for positive &pthings. anddwe highlight thee children beause ww wann to save our children because our children are ultimately our future nd we need to create aa safe environment for our children." children." 3 urbannyouth prrject is focused on reducing the rate oo youuh violencc..- 3 some controversy on thii pourth of july holiday.the ffb-i is joining the pnvestigation into a ggave scandallat arlington national cemetery.officials say even ttough several cremated -3remains were found buried in ooe grave... no crime wass committed.chris lawrence spoke 3 newss -3
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3& inveetigators are looking into whether anyone attthe cemetery made improper burial reservationssor committed contracttffaud. 3 p for more than 700yearr, one of the best placcs o bbe - on he 4th of july is..... dundalk. joee d. mith is there noo where thh people re actually saviig theer seats... for the parade latee this morning. good orning & joel d.. 3 -
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3 3 3 that brings us to our question of the day:what are you doing --33 to celebrate independence day? we'll be taking your calls in our 7 o'clock hour.
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3 you caa lso go to fox-baltimoreedot com aad tell &pa tweet.. at foobaltimmre. 3 3 if you plan to spend yoor fourth of july on the water .... the united states coost guard is reminding ouutooplly it saae. twelve oaters in & water in just the past few weeks. now the coast guarr s keeping a watthful eye o make sure that doesn'' happen to you. they stress he importance of earing a life- jacket... sayinggit could be the difffreece between life 3 make this olidayya saae neea demonstration last week at &porrgonnridge park on the dangers.organizers blew just how dangerous fireworks can beeif they are not used properly. xperts talked to us about what you need to know to avoid getting hurt with fireworks. 3 "reflexes are not as fast as explosive forces"ffrces" "typically you see this when things get bloon backwards, fingers get blown skin"
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3 the state fire marhall's office recommends that ou go to ápubliccá fireworkk displays and leave it up to the experts. 3 in the city you can see & ireworks aa the inner harbor starting at 9 tonight.but if youure i the counny.. we have - a complete list of all he fireworks ddsplays ttere on our website.just go o fox- baltimore dot commslash 3 coming uu.... celebrate america's bbrthday.. at forr you cannhave an 3
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33 3 --raager vince is live with & the details of thhs mornnng's hhmetoon hotspot---ffe andd -& drum
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3 music--cannoo firing--a musset sslute , 3 for 11 states--periodddanccng pnd games--public readinn of the deccaration of 3:00 p.m. 3 3"the glorious fourthh is at - fort mchenry today from 12pm to 4-30 pm.for ore information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.
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3 3 idoo?idoo nats this s how it all started for last season's winner.. scotty mccreery.auditions for seasonn eleven are already uunerway... and we wwnt to get yoo to thee froot f the iie. idol."go tooour website..
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foxbaltimorredot com to register.the firrt 2000 registered viewers get to ome out to al packer ford on july 8th and sing in front oo ur panel of judges. the winner of ourrsinging contest will get a guarantted auditiin in ront of ameeican idol producers in you by al packer ford, z-114-3 and fox45 morning news! 3 coming up... 3 aa lib dundalk parade route route 3 pthey're celebrrting independence day.. one pose at a timm.who these sexy photos are being taken for. 3&pand.. ittjust wouldn't be july 4th wiihout the annuul nattan's hottdog eating contest got started. pou're wwtching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 p(brrak 2))
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3 3 new this mornnng.. a family &pgatheriig turns fatal,,after a maa is beaten to death inside -3 a gaithersburg home.authorites chargee 24- yyar old brandon dashiell witt secood degree murdee.they say he beat 28-ddathh ssturday ight.police & say dashiell struuk carter severaa times in he head. no word oo what staated the fight. 3 an over night shooting in downtown baltimore leaves one man happened on water street, near south -3 caavert street.ooficials say & whee they arrived, hey found an adult male shottno word on - the victim's condtion or -&parrests of aay suspects.the shoooinn is still undee investigatiin. 3 thh search continues for the killed two people ssturday -3 night, inccudingga fivv-year montgomery county.someone -3 opened fire on the home, shooting five ppople.two of
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phose people died... a 5- -3 year-old boy and and a public's help. 3 nats of people cheering for the couple... couple...britain's royal couple, prince william and 3 of anada over the weekend. after speeding a ggod portion offthe trip in quebec.. they moved on to charllttetown on 3see them greeting excittd residents ho gathered in the streets and even some áveryá young soldiers.tte couple is aalost half way through their nine day tour of the counnry. after this trip wraps up, they're coming to the u-s to visit caaifornia for three days. 3 a baay hippo at tte san diego zoo... has quiteethe ttaent in -waterrballet.this is 5 month old adhama.. practicing his ballet moves ... fllpping and twirling underrater .whill his mom watches neaaby.adhaaa... -3 which means "hooor" in swahili 3 flips and ttirls have gotten
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2--illion views on you-tube 3 coming up... 3 shoplifting.. is on the rise.. who's doing it.. and why it could be a ágoodá sign.. for -3 3 p and next... it'ss s american as apple the pnnual nathan's hot dog eating contest got started. you're watchhng fox 45 morning news.. aal local.. all morning. 3 ((break 3))
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3 p frt mchenry- gorgeous sunrise- will it stay ttis -3 gorgeous for tonight's fireworks?? tony's got your forecast coming up in just 5 & 3 among the great traditions of -3 july 4th-- the annuul nathan's hot og eating contess t coney island. as allann chernoff tells us... this crazy ccntest is about a lot more than just fun by the beach. 3
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3 pomiiggup.... 3they say a picture'ssworth a thousanddwords.the ood words these sexy photos.. are ppreading. ou're watchinn fox all morning. 3 ((break 4))
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honey, why aren't you playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair.
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[ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. 3&pnot just america's birthday. - the celebraaion for a woman who's turning one
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3 3 3 - happy independence day!- sent to us by peee hammondd rock hall firewwrks last night &p- shot from chester river 3 -3
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3 3 -3 3
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3 it'' an intervvew you're seeing first on fox.the parent's of christopher jones are speaking out... two years later aater the crofton 14-year old was bullied and -3 they stiil havee't reciived n apology from the teensswho killed thier sonn second young kiiler was released... after ssrving less than two years in priion.18 pear ood avel george ann another teen.... admit they threw two fatal punnhes... as they circled ccris n his bike duuing a youth gang fight. -3 chris had nn parr... in any parentt upset and surprised.... is thattgeorge and the ooher teennwerr --3 released years early... eech &pservinn less than tww yearr. because the eens were 15 and &p16 at tte time... chris'' parents say the focus is on rehabilitation....insteaddof & ppnishhmnt. 3 "you are ssnding a bad message, join a gang, okay, kill a kid, okay dd two 3 "two years in jail for taking a llfe? no, i'll think they'll -be back""it's ot only a jjke,
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it's a slap in our face" face" 3&pjenny addins... is now dealing wwth tww deaths...while her - son's killers wwre being released... er husband paull -& lost hhs battte with ccncer at tte age off36. p3 baltimore couuty police are asking for you help this morning in tracking down a was shoo and illed outside a &parrived around two a-m on saturday they found george william bryynttjunior... lying in the parking lot.he wws shot severra times in the head and &pneck. ryant was taken to johns hhpkins, where he diedd pow, police need your help ffnding whoever ulled the 3 poc: for an award up to $2,000"
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3 after the shooting, ffie people were arrested outside the clubbfor disorderry conduct. so far, no one's 3 3 fter 6 eees of wwtnesses, experts, nd arguments ... the casee anthony murdert trial is on the verge of being in the hhnns of the jury.. even as &pearly as thhs afternooo.greg black takes us inside the courtroom s both sides put all the cards on the table. 3 3 --reporter pkg-as
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3 hours beeorr they light the grill,,or settle in toowatch the fireworks, july with aaother tradition...... the parade smith is there now, where hundreds get up before the sun to find tte best seats.... -33 is it wwrthhit joee d?
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3 33 innthe city you can sse - fireworrs aa heeinner harbor -3 starting at 9 ttnighh.but if you're in the ccunny.. we hhve -3 a completeellst of lllthe -3 fireworks displays ttere on ourrwebsiteejust go to fox- baltimooe dot com slaas newslinks. 3 dolled up for veterans. you could call ii pin-ups foo 3 getting madeeup into 1940'ss style... then avvng heir picture taken to raise money for "u-s vets las vegas."it's an organization hat helps veterans adjjst after they leavv military serrice..he 2 - ddy fuudraiser shoold helppa lot of vees.... it s -33 complltely booked for booh days. 3 coming up... 3 more and mooe people.. are &pphhplifting.why it could be a ággodá sign forrthe eeonomy.
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3 ((ad lib meteooologist))
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33 3 coming up... 3 graphii new labels... aimmd at deterring smokers.hhw tte government chose these images. 3 and.. celebrate america's birthday.. at fort you can have an "old fashioned" fourthhoffjuly. news.. all local.. all morning. ((breaa 6))
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3 3 meantime, baltimorr city poliie are looking into aa shooting thaa happennd saturday nightton ilchester -3 street.poliie say a 27- year-old man was shot muutiple 3to ontact pooice.
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3 3 we can help you trackkcriiinal activity in yyurrnnighborhood. go to fox bbltimore dot com and sign up for "spot crime.""- we'll seed yoo e-mail alerts every time a major crimm 3&p a shhoting t a downtown memphis hootl llaves nn &pofficer deedd and another maa in ustody.memphisspolice were pclled to thh doubletree hottl &psundaa evening after reports - of shots fired.wwee they arrivedd they found the 3 person alreedy dead.the officer, timothy warree, leavess ehhndda wife ann two & childrrn.authorities say the incident was a domestic situaaton, and an invvstigation is underway..-&ptheir á five finger dissoontá. aaddeeperts say that points to good news for the economy. & that's ecauue retail employees are more afraid of being caught ann fireddin a recession,, o they're less likely to steal.but, they're willing to take moreeriiks 33&p3 ((((ac)))
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3 ((bump in)) 3 llaoya jacksonncontinues to - reccntly toll the media hhr prother, michael, was murdered and now she says she is "starring over"candace dold &pexplains for toddy's lowdoon. lowdoon.
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3 coming up in our 7 o'clock hour... 3 celebrate youu independence from tte same old cookout. morron's the steakhouse...haa some grilling ips.. that will make ours the best juuy 4th 3 3 ((jool live teaae))you're -3 watching
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3 toddy is monday july fourth -- indeeendence day! 3 3 - haapy independence day!- candace'ssdaughter celebrating
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her first 4th of july 3 and we want to know & how you're celebrating this fourth of july.... you ccn upload photos and videoss o our website. go to &pon he "see itt shooo it, send ittiion..yyu can also senn -3 photos directly from your cell phone to "picc at foxbaltimore dot com." 3
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3 p3 3 3 3 it's an iiterriew you're - seeing first on fox.the - parent's of christopher jones are speaking out... two yyars later after the crofton ttey're saying.. they still haaen't recieved an apology from the teens who killed tther on. son. last wwek, the pecond youug killer was releaaed... after serving less phan two ears in prison.11 year old javel george and 3&threw tto fatallpunches... as they circled chris on hii bike during a youuh gang fighh. chris had no part... n any gangs. but what has chris'' parentt upsettand surprisee.... is that george anddthe other teen were
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&pserving less than two years. because the teenn were 15 and &pparents say the foccs is on rehabilitation... insteaddof puniishent. 3&p"youuare seeding a bad messsge, join aagang, okay, pill a id, okayy o two &pa life? no, i'll think hey'll be back""it's not nly a jokee it'ssa slap inn ur face" with two deaths...while herr son's killlrs ere being released... her husband aul - lost his battle with cancer at the agg of 36. 3 bbatimore counny police are skinggfor you help this morning in traaking doww a pkiller. aa36--ear-old man waa shot and killed outssde a rosedall club when police arrived around wo a-m on saturday they found george
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william bryaat junior... lying in the parking lot.he was shot jjhns hopkiis, here he died. now,,police need your hell -3 finding whoever pullld the - trigger. after he shooting, -3 five peoppe were arrested ootside the club for -33 disorderly conduct. so ffr, no one's been arrested nnthe - shoottng. on this ourth of july holiday... the f-b-i is joiiing he investigation into 3&pnattonal ceeetary in -cc.- d-c.but authorittes say even though severaa ccemated &premains weree ound buried in &one grave.. no crimeewas & committed.last all, eight sets offhuman remains were discovered stashedd n a single grave at arlinggonnnattonal cemetery. but even if someone - is eld responsible, the -s attorney says they won't ace criminaa charges. 3 (nats)"the uuial of mulltple cremated remains innone grave site does not constitute a criminal violation.""you have potentiallyy illions offfamily - members that are out there, that now hhve qqestion mark --3 in the back of heir minn, saying 'is y father, my daughter bbried where she's be?'"
7:07 am
3 even though most of the 300- thoossnddgraaes are ffne, some at the wrong place forryears. investigators iscovered hundreds of discrepancies between buriaa maps and gravesites. invessigators say they areelookinn nto whether anyone at the cemeterr made improppr burial reservations or commiited contract fraud. 3 a rhode island maa is nine - eleven...thissfourth oo july holiday. miihael jodoin see up three thousaad american flags in his yard.. each - agg. 3 "i wws neverrin the service. mine, o i like to show my patriotism; my appreciation of the troops ann years past, - we've done everything ffr tth troops, and thissyear, we &pthought it would be appropriate that for the 10--ear anniversary of 9/11." 9/11."
7:08 am
3 he says it took 15 people more than ix hours to write all for more than 700years, one of the best places to be pn the 4h of july is..... dundalk. joel d. smith is there now whereethe people are 3 for hh parade latee this joel dd.
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3 3 3 if you plan to spend yourr fourth of july on the waaer 3& guard is reminding you to play ittsafe. twelle boaters in maryland have died on the water in just the ast few -3 weeks. now theecoast guard is keeping a wwtchful eye to make sure that doesn't happennto you. they stress the importance of wearing a life- the ddfference between life aad death. 3 coming up... & 3 "oh saa can you ee!"we're taking you tt fort mc-henry forrthe fourth holiday... next in our homettwn hotspot. -3 hotspot. you're
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3&pwatccing fox 45 mooning news.. all local.. alllmorning. p3 ((breek 1))
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&p3 3 --ranger genna 3& white is live with the detaals of this mooning's hometown hotspot--fife and drum music
7:14 am
33 --cannon firiig--a musset salute orr18 states--period dancing nd games---ublic reading of the declarationnoo - inddpendence at 3::0 ppm. p, 3 "the glorious fourth" is at fort mchenry today from 12pm to 4-30 pm.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3
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3 3 sttll ahead.. 3 mooe emppoyyes are bbyiig merchandise á 100 ercent offá.. or in ooher words stealing..find out whyythis could mman good news for our eeonomy economyit'' a ffntasy of poreesics. forensic fannasy." "they gave you 2 weeks 3 of testimony that was pompletely rreleeant 33 the casey annhony murder trial coull be hhnded to the jury .. as early aa this afternoon... hearrfrom both ides, s they &play out their're watchinggfox 45 mornnng news.. 3 3 ((break 2))
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3 p3nnw this morningg..annover night shooting in downtoww paatimore leaves one man happened on water streee, neer outh calvert street.officials say when they arrived, ttey found an adultt
7:20 am
victim's condtion or arrests of any suspects.the shoottig is still undeeriivestigation. -33 3& more mmloyees are usinn according to a natiinal retail founddtion survey, the spike in steallng.. suggests the eeonomm isson the upswing. analysts say... it's probably becauseeretail employees are 3 and fired in a ecession... so they're less likelyyto steal. but, they're willing to take mmre risks when they hhve a better chance of fiiding a new - job. 3& a search is underway forr boat that capsized off mexico's baja california &ppeninsull.the boat wass &pcarrying 43 peopll, incllding 27 mericaas.thirty ssven have beee accounted for, including -3 all the americans.the boat 3 sunday and sank immediately. many f the passengers were 3 closiig arguments arr expected to wrap up this morninn in -3 the casey anthony murder
7:21 am
trial. the 25-year old has &ppleaded not guulty to &pmurdering her 2-year old daughher, caalle. as melisa paney reports, anthoon's fate will soon be in the handd of the jury. jury.
7:22 am
3 during sunday's closing - arguments, defense attorrey jeff ashton for smiling..udde perry found both ashton aad baez broke theerules of the court.juroos were asked o leave while the judge gavee he & attorneys a stern warning. 3 still to come.. 3 on your mark.geetset. griil time!finn out pointers you & need to know to gee your
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that's next .... ou'rr watchiig fox 5 morning news.. aal locall. ll morning. 33 ((break 3))
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3&pnot just america's birthday. - the celebraaion for a woman who's turning one
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3 3p aerial view of dundalk parade.- people lining up eerly this 3&pmorning- joel d. mith is llve. 3 3 . 3 a ailor from the u-s-s carl vinson came home this - weekend... 3 - photoo1: banner on the ouse in dundalk- photo 2: jon his welcome home committee- & phooo : stretch limo tt bring him homm- thanks jon's uncle william for sending these in! 33 and we want to know
7:31 am
how you're celebratinn tis -3 fourth of july.... yyu can upload photos ann videes to our websitt. go to foxbaltimore dot com ann clickk on tte "see it, shoot it send it icon. youucan also end phhtos directly rom your cell ppone to "pics at foxbaltimmre dot om." 33 3 3
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3 people in edgewater continue to pick up the pieccs this morning, fter a devastating fiie rrppeddthrough a hooe there. & there.the fire broke out pround 1:30 saaurdaa afternoon.
7:33 am of them... 84- & year-oll... rosella nollee.. pulled from the home.the otherr wooaa wasspronouncedddeed at the scene.her identity has ott been released. neighbors... are ddvastated. - 3 8:31:50) "it as the paddest thing. you couldn't bblieve ii. you ddn't wanna see the way it looked. ii 3 terrible..."it took 60 it took 60 firefighttes from annn arundel county, - pnnapolis, and he u-s naval &pacademy to kock down the two- alarm fire. the causeeis ssill &punner invvstigation. meannimm, a mmunt airy church cctchhs ire aftee it was strrck by lightning. it pappeneddaround o'clock sunddy ooning... at marvin chapel methooist church on & oodville ddive. iiefighter churchhs roof coolapssd, but & fire ccused about 150-thousand dollars worth of damage. as you ccn imagine, members of
7:34 am
the church community aree emotional abouu their loss. 3& "when e first gottthere .... had burned" purned"the church plann 3& to re-bbild.the congregation says ttis tragedy will not stop them from holding sunday services. -3 3 and anothhr fire tears through a home on sparrows point oad in dundalkit happened early sunday morning around 4. fire crews could see heavy smoke coming from tte ome wwen hey -3 arrived.fortunately, no one & was inside at the time. the -3cause of the fire is under innestigation. 33 a rash of violence over the & weekend in southwest baltimore... this morning one 3dead. police say a man wass shot at the interssction of possibly in retaliation... ffr a shooting that happened moments earlier.... on south carey streee... ear washington boulevard. the 19--ear-old victim in that shooting... is ow dead.pooicee are still searching for the
7:35 am
shoottrs.... but neighbors saa they already know tte ictims. 3 dan consggove: 11:24-11:40 -3 "and these two soocclled 3&parrrst, long reeords f not being prosecuted,, .. he was on trial for attempting to &pmurdee somebody."richard reedy: 24:15 ""he crime arrund - hereehas otten so bad, it'' unreal... tteemuuders, thee 3 robberres" a groop of residents is hoping to hold a ccimeesummit this month to address the crime. they want police and well as neighbors. 3 a family gatheeing turns - fatal, after a man is beatenn to death inside a gaithhrsburg home.authorites charged 24- yeaa old brandon dashiell say he beat 28-year old justin 3 night.police sy dashiell -3 struck carter ssveral imes in -3 started the fight.
7:36 am
&pp3 a masssve manhunt is underwayy -3 in southeast pennsylvania for &pa suspect accused of hooting pive family members. p3 it happpneddat a home in douglass township saturday --3 night.two people diedd rom ggnshot woundss.. incllding a 2 year old boy.neighbors weree shockee by the shooting... in what heyysay was a pretty safe nnighbbrhood. 3 "i ffel rathee safe here. i very seldom lock my ddors. i'm going to lock them for now on.""- on."so far, police say none of - the survvving shooting victims have been abll to speak to thee about what happened. makeethis oliday a safe one.a demonstratioo last week t fireworks safeey eminds us of the dangers.organizers blew up waaermelons to shhw us just howw dangerouu fireworks can be if they are not used properly. experrt talked to us aaout what yoo need to know to avoid etting urt with firrworks. 3 "reffexes are not aa fasttas -3&pexplosiie forces" forces" "typicallyyyou see thii whee things get blown backkit tears the skin"
7:37 am
skin" 3 tte state fire marhall's office recommends that you go to ááublicá fireworkk displaas and leave it up to -3 the eeperts. - 3 in the city youucan see & ireworks at he inner harbor startinn at 9 toniggt.but if you're in the county.. we have - a complete list of all the fireworks displays there on our wbsite.just go to fox- p hours before ttey light the grrlll or ssttle ii po watch the fireworks, 33 july with another traditioo...... the parade pn dundalk. jool . smith is tere ow, where -3 hundreds get up before the sun to find the best seats.... is it worthhit ,3
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3 3 that brings us tooour question of the day:what are you doing & to celebrate independence dayy?- 3 you ccn allo gg to fox-baltimore dot com and telll us what you think... or sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. -3 3 aareal life hhrcules... & 3 pake a look at this man's &pppectacular show of strength..- mark kirsch is pulling this 150-thousand pound plann all 3 michigan.he pulled it a total
7:40 am
-3 oo 120 feet!and thhs isn't the first plane he's pulled... he 3 the largest plann ever pllee ... aa205-ttousand pound booing 767.kirssh sayssit's -3 all about inspiiing others. 3 " justtinspire everyone to -3 acccmplish heir goals. it'' possible you could do anythinn. you might not be pble to pull a plane...but, you can eet healthy, be healthy, be ppsitive." positive."kirscc is ow prepping to pull a c-130 - 11 remembranceecerrmony. 3 still to come.. find out where -3 getting yourrfunny bone tickledd holl ff forryour fourth of july festivities?fiid oottnext - in your skywatchhweether fooecast. you're watching foo 45 morning news.. all local.. all morniin. ((break 55)
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&pnot just america's birthday. - the celebraaion for a woman who's turning one
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3 think you've got wwat it takes po be the next american idol? iddl?idol ats this is how it all starttd for &plast seasonns winner.. scotty mccreery.auditions for ssason eleven are already underway.... and we aat to get you to the & front o the line. line..t's "fox45 baltimmre idol."go to our website.. foxbaltimore doo com to & register.the irst 200 regiitered viewers get to come oottto al packer ford on jjly 8thhand sing innfrrnt of our paaellof judges. the winner f our singgng connest will gee a guaranteed uditionnin front of american idol producers in baltiiore idol" is rought tt you by al packer ford, z-104-3 ann fox45 morning neww!
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p3 ((toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib eteorologiit)) 33
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dot-com to gee started.. or &plook for mobideals on your smarrphhne. smartphone. mobideals is a product of our broadcast group. p3 coming up.. 3 hhnging with fammly, waaching fireworks, or working like us? us?that brings us to our question oofthe ay.what re you oing for the indeeendence holiday?ourrphhne lines are open now.. 410-481-4545. morning nnws.. all local.. all mooning. &p3 ((break 6))
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7:49 am
((queetion of day animation)) 3 it's a day to remember our independence from england! & o fort mchenny.. or aae you going to dundall for the parade? parade?that brings us to our question off he day.what are yourrplans for the fourth?our -phone liies are open now.. 410- 481--545. 3 tierr glen burnie
7:50 am
3 dionte baltiiore &pballimorerob
7:51 am
3&p"i'm oinn to see the paaade & enjoyinn the ireworrs display.."- disslay."tiffiiey " working and tten praying i make it to p firework showwto celebratt my son's birthday?" bbrttday?"glenna "annapolis hhrbor ffreworks...i found the & accidentt"lauren working." 3 3 comiiggup in our 8 o'ccockk hour.. & 3&it's almost time for the dundalk independence paradd! here's a live ook of it now! joel dd smith has all the patriitii details...coming upp and bbue. .with a áredá slab
7:52 am
out the best kind.. next. you're watching fox 5 morning 3 mmrning. & 3 ((break 7))
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>> salt you already know too much is bad for you. >> my mom had triple bypass surgery at 44. >> but new studies show it's worse than you thought. >> things like cancer diabetes and kidney disease. >> if you think you can never live without salty foods, think again.
8:00 am
3 monddy july 4th 3 3 -3 3 3 - viewer sent in this picture-
8:01 am
star spangled house! &p3 p and we want to now how you're celebratinn this fouuth of july.... you can pload photos and videos to our website. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on thee"see it, shoot it send it icon. you can also send &pcell phone o "picc at foxbaltimore dot com." &p3&p 3 -3
8:02 am
3 -3 3 3
8:03 am
3 it's an interviiw you''e seeeng first on fox.the parent's of chrissopher jones are speaking out... two yeaas later after the crofton 14-year old was bullied and they're saying.. thhy still havee't recieved an apology from the teens who killed thier sso..-3 second younn killer wws released... affer serving less thhn two years n prison.18 -&pyear old avel george andd another teen.....admmt they threw two fatal unches... as they ircled chris on his biie & during a youth ggng fight. chrii haddno part... in any gangs. but whatthas chris' parents upset nd surprissd.... is thattgeorge aad he other teen were serving less than two years. because thh teens wwre 15 andd p6 at the timee.. chrii' rehabilitation....instead of punishment. "you are seening a bad message,,join a gang, okay, - kill a kid, okay dootwo "two years in jail for taking a life? no, iill think thee'll
8:04 am
-3 be baak""it's not only a joke, & it's a slaa in our faae" face" 3&pjenny adkins... is now deaaing with two deaths...whiie hee -&pson'' killers were being -3 releasedd.. her husband paul loot his battle with cancer at the ageeoff36. 33 on this fourthhof jull holiday... the f-bbi is -3 poining the investigation into -3 a grave scanddl at arlington natiooal cemetary i d-c. d-cc.ut authoriiies say even though several cremated remains were found buried in one crime was poomitted.lasttfall, eight sets of human remainn were discovered stassed in a single grave at arringtonnnational &pcemetery. but even if someone is held responsible, the u-s 3 criiinaa charges.
8:05 am
3 (nats)"the burial of multippe cremated rmmins in one grave site ddes noo constitute a criminal volation.""you have poteetially millioos of family thaa now have a question mark in the back oo their mind, saying 'is my faaher, my husbandd,myymother, my daughter buriee where she's be?'" 3 even though most of the 300- -3 thousand graves are fine, some people may have been mourninn &pat the wrong place for years. hundreds of iscrepancies 3& gravesites. innestigatorr say they are looking into whether anyone at the cemetery made improper burial ressrvvtions -& or committed contract fraud. 3 after 6 wweks of witnesses, experts, and 3&panthony murdertttrial is on the verreeof being in the - hanns of the jury.. even as black takes us inside the -3 couuttooo as both sides put allltte ccrds on he table. 3 --reporter kg-as follows --it was the final
8:06 am
8:07 am
8:08 am
3 more eeployees are using theii á fve finger discountá. according to a attonal retail foundation survey, the spike in stealiig.. suggests thh economy isson the upswing. because retail employees are more afraii of being caught and ired in a recessioo... so they're less likely to steal. but, ttey're willing to take more risks when they have a joo. 3 for more thhn 70 years, & one of the best places to bb dundalk. joel d. smith is there now whereethe people are & for the parade later ttis morning. ggod orning
8:09 am
8:10 am
3 3 3 ccming up... celebbate you can have an
8:11 am
"old fashioned" fourth of july. 3 youure watching
8:12 am
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8:14 am
3- 3 --ranger vince is live wwth &pthe detaill f this morning's &phometown hotspot--fife aad drum mussc--caanon firing--a muskettsalute for 18 states --public reading of the declaration of inddpendenne at 3 p...
8:15 am
3 "the glorrous fourtt" is at - to -30 pm.for more informmtton, loggon to fox &pbaltimore dot com slash morning.
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commnnp... 3&celebrate your indepeedence frommthe same old cookout. morton's the sttakhouse.. has some grilling tipp.. thaa will mmke yours the best july 4th pvee. 3 and next.. she wwn our monster jam star spangled sing off. cookie bumpuus.. sings her - renditiin of the naaionaa anthem. anthem.ááadlib dundalk paradeáá you're wwtccing fox 5 morring &pnews.. all local.. fox 45 - pmrning you're watching 3 foo 45 morning ews.. aal &plocal.. all morning. &((break 2))
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3 ((bumppin)) 3 cookie bumpus of columbia- won monsttr jaa star spangled ssng off 3 - sing for us us 3 &p
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&p((bump in)))-
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--judi diggoia ffoo morton's - the ,3
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3 ((open))3 ((open)) 3
8:31 am
3 -3 3 3 - happy ndependence day!- - candace's daughter celebrating her first 4th of july --happy independence ay!- sent to us byypett hammond- rock hall firewooks ass night - shhttfrom chester river 3 and we want to know how you're elebrating this ffurth offjulyy... yyu caa uuload photos ann videos to our webbitee go tt foxbalttmore dot coo and click it icon. you can also send photos diiectly rommyour cell phone to "picssat foxbbltiiore
8:32 am
dot com." -3 3
8:33 am
3 &p 3 a rash of viooencc over the weekend n southwest bbltimore... this morning one victim is dead. & shot at the iitersectiinnof possibly in retaliation... for a shooting that happened moments earrier.... on south carey street... near
8:34 am
-3 washinnton boolevard. the 19-year-olddvictim in that shooting... is now dead.policc are still searching foo the shooters.... but neighbors say pthey already know the vvccimm. 3 dan consgrove: 11:24-11:400 3 victims had long records oo arrest, long records of not -3 bbing prosecuted, ... he was on trial for aatempting to murder somebody.""ichard reedy: 24:11 "the rime arounn heee has ottennso bad, t's uureal... he murdees, tth shootings, the robberies" robberres" 3 a group of residentssis hopiig tt hold a crime summit this month to ddress the crime. they wwnt police andd prosecuuors tooattend... as well as neighborss -3 3 p altimore couuny police are askkig for ou help ttis morning in tracking down a killer. a 366year-old man was shot and kkiled outside a rosedale club .when police
8:35 am
arrived around twoo -m on saturray they found georre pilliam bryant uniir... lying in the parking lot.he was shht several times in the head and & neck. bryant was takkn to pohns hookins, where he diee. now, police eee oor help pinding whoever pulled the triggerr after the shooting, pfiie eople were arrestte -3 outside theeclub foo disorderly conduct. so far, no one's been arrested in hh & shooting. 3 foo newss political twitter account.. has been hackeddhow po we know?because of tteets - they postee this mooning... 3& ... likeethis.thee say thingg like "barack obamaahas just biden the best of luck as our new pressdent of the uniied real fox news will regaii control of their account.. but don't worry... the president is safe and sound thii morning... 3 ... innfact heee's a live look at the white ouse..where the presidenn will hoss aajuly 4th
8:36 am
later on today. 3 make this holiday a safe one. one.aademonstration lasttweek at oregon ridge park on -3 firrworksssafett reminds us of &pthe dangers.orrgnizers blew upp watermellns to show us just how dangerous fireworks can be if they are not used us bout what you need to know to avoid getting hurt with ffreworkss 33 "reflexes arr ot as fass as exppossve forcee" forcee" "typiiaaly you see this when things get blown backwards, finners get blown back it tears the skin" skin" 3 he state fire marhall's -3 office recommeeddsthat you go to ápublicá fireeorks displays and leave it up to tte experts. & 3 in the city you ccn see starting at 9 tonight.but if you're in tte couutyy. we have a complete list of all the pireworks displays there on baltimore dot com slash pewslinks. 3 hours befooe they light
8:37 am
watch the fireworks, ttousands &paaother tradition...... the parade in dundalk. joel d. smith is there now, &where hundreds get up bbfore the sun to find the best peats.... is it woothh it joel d??
8:38 am
3 p3 &
8:39 am
3 some women are getting all dolled up ffr veterann. 3 you could call it pin-ups for patriots.women nnnevada are gettinggmade up into 1940's &pstyle... then having their picture taken to raise money for "u-s vett las vegas."it's an organization that helps vettrans adjust aftee they leave mmlitary service.the 22 day funnraissrrshould help a lot of vets.... it is 3 3-& 3 3 ((toss to weather)) 3 ((break 5))((break 5))
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3 ((toss to weather))
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3 ((ad lib meteooologistt)
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33 3 cooing up... & 3 itjuut wooldn't be july 4th without the annual nathan's hot dog eeaing & contest got starred. 3 and... hot dogs are fun - for the eating ontests.. but not if youuwant o kickk our - coooout up a otch this year. we're grilling up your best & puly thhcookout ever.
8:49 am
pews...all local.. all
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8:56 am
3 amonggthe great traditions of july 4th-- the nnual nnthan'' -3 hot dog eating contest at chernoff tells us... thhs crazy contest is about a lot more than jjsttffn by thh -3 beachh 3
8:57 am
8:58 am
3 coming up on good day baltimooe... two of your teen's favooite starss. team up.. at the box office. nats natsseleeaagomez and leighton meester... sit down wiih us to take us behhnd the scenes of theii new film "monte ccrlo." 3 you're wwtching 3 fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all mornnng.
8:59 am
♪♪ mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie raspberry cheesecake.

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